Malia Obama Embroiled In Major White House Scandal

The White House went into panic mode recently when Malia Obama was caught on camera consuming alcohol underage while touring Brown University.

According to Conservative Brief, the scandal surrounding 17 year-old Malia’s drinking has put a strain on her parent’s marriage.

“The First Lady and the President got into a screaming match over it, each blaming the other for letting their underage daughter attend a wild drinking party,” one political source said. “Barack yelled at Michelle and blamed her for letting Malia get out of control. He told Michelle in no uncertain terms she needed to rein in Malia and make sure this doesn’t happen again!”

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“Michelle snapped back at Barack,” the source continued. “Saying he’s a fine one to talk—after repeatedly admitting to smoking a ton of marijuana with his high school buddies!”

The Obamas love telling us how to raise our children, but perhaps it’s time they started focusing on their own girls!



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