Man Sees 400 American Soldiers Being Mistreated, Makes 1 EPIC Move to Stop It

This story restores my faith in humanity. Our troops deserve the utmost respect, but sadly some people just don’t understand that. We should all take a page out of this man’s book because this is EPIC!

A man named Shlomo Rechnitz was on a trip overseas when his delayed flight caused him to layover at an airport in Ireland. At the airport, Rechnitz stumbled upon a group of 400 U.S. soldiers sitting on the floor eating government box lunches. And as everyone knows, Obama doesn’t always treat our soldiers properly, so these lunches were not the best quality. In fact, the average citizen would consider these repulsive.

With so many high end restaurants in the terminal, Rechnitz felt compelled to brighten the soldiers day. Rechnitz then found the commander and offered to buy all 400 men a meal fit for a soldiers whom risks their lives to protect our country.

In the following video, you can see Rechnitz addressing the crowd of soldier and delivering the good news along with a few kind words.

The gracious business man paid $50 for every soldier, which amounts to a total of $20,000!

Fortunately for these soldiers, and the people who support our troops and veterans, this business man made up for the failure of our government to properly provide for our loyal soldiers. H/T Mad World News

Do you think our soldiers deserve a better president?




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