Mass Grave Discovered In Mexico

After a 12-day dig in Morellos, Mexico, officials released the names 116 people whose remains were located at the site. However, they later realized there was one more body…

The Tetecingo grave was made by Mexican authorities in 2014 to dispose of bodies that were unidentified or unclaimed by family. Morelos attorney general Javier Perez stated that authorities were investigating why they had a registry of 116 bodies instead of 117.

The body that was not previously registered was one that sent shock waves throughout the Mexican community. The body belonged to a 36-week-old, nearly full-term fetus.  Along with the fetus, there was a 7-year-old girl who died from a contusion in the chest, as well as a 2-year-old boy.

These children’s bodies were never claimed. This case has caused outrage in Mexico, where more than 28,000 people have disappeared over the last 10 years alone due to drug violence. Families of missing people came from other states to observe as authorities uncovered the 117 bodies.

In Mexico, if a body is not claimed, the law allows authorities to bury the bodies in mass graves. It unknown at this time how many crime victims were among the bodies, and irregularities were found in the Tetelcingo case.

Some bodies had been buried without a document with a case number, or with an ineligible number. Perez said 28 remains did not have a genetic registry.

After a throughout investigation if any bodies are not claimed they will be taken to another cemetery, “The Garden of Memories,” and placed in wall crypts. Meanwhile, authorities will continue to dig to ensure that no other “surprise” bodies remain at the site.

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