Mass Shooting Swept Under Rug After Media Learns About Gunman

You may have noticed that the mainstream media abruptly stopped reporting on the Kansas mass shooting that killed three people and injured 16. Now, the reason for this silence has been revealed, and it’s horrifying…

The reason, which is discussed below, will drive you crazy considering the way in which left wing media sources cover events, like the violence that occurs at Donald Trump rallies. Who does the media immediately blame when a group of African American protestors march into the lions den filled with proud patriots?

That’s right, they blame us! They blame the peaceful people who are at the event to genuinely support Trump. The left wingers let the rioters off the hook completely. Think you’re mad about that? When you read about this mass shooting, your blood is really going to boil….

According to Infowars, the liberal media stopped reporting on the story as soon as they learned an interesting fact about the shooter.

Cedric Larry Ford spent 26 minutes terrorizing fellow employees at Excel Industries in Hesston, yet liberals were quick to blame the shooting on caucasions before his identity was revealed…





Well the joke is on the liberals because the shooter was, despite initial lies, african american. That’s right, liberals immediately passed the blame for this horrific event onto a “white” person, when in reality that was a complete lie.

People should be punished for spreading horrendous rumors. Do you agree? Comment with your thoughts below!



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