McDonald’s Makes Devastating Announcement – This Is All Obama’s Fault…

Barack Hussein Obama has been claiming for years that he has helped the economy grow and has “saved” America from the effects of the great recession. However, new reports have proven that this is a blatant lie.

Chicago Business reported this week that employees of McDonald’s have become the latest casualty of Obama’s war on the free market. According to Conservative Tribune, McDonald’s is offering buyouts to hundreds of office staff as part of its efforts to downsize.

McDonald’s has already announced plans to cut about $500 million in “general and administrative costs” by the end of 2017, and these buyouts are the first steps McDonald’s has taken to achieve this goal.

“Building a better McDonald’s involves modernizing our business so we can better deliver on our customers’ expectations. While we do not take these steps lightly, we are confident they will help us put our customers back at the center of everything we do,” said McDonald’s spokeswoman Becca Hary, who did not confirm the buyouts.

If these buyouts are true, they likely happened because of the stifling regulations Obama has put in place, combined with the results of an increasing minimum wage across the nation. Liberals believe that increasing minimum wage will save America’s workforce, when in reality, it will destroy it.

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