Megyn Kelly SLAMS Trump On Live TV – It Backfires In A MASSIVE Way

Fox News host Megyn Kelly has been trying to appeal to more “mainstream” audiences for much now, much to the dismay of her viewers. This week, she renewed efforts to do this by bashing Donald Trump and his tax returns, but this backfired on her in a big way.

Referring to Trump’s 1995 tax returns that showed a loss of over $900 million in that year, Kelly claimed the GOP presidential nominee “screwed” the little guy in his business practices.

“What kind of brilliant businessman has losses like that?” Kelly asked, paraphrasing the very same arguments that Hillary Clinton has been making against Trump. “He may have ended up okay but he screwed the little guy, those contractors and so on that didn’t get paid and the stockholders who got paid out pennies on the dollar.”

Bizpac Review Boris Epshteyn, the Trump campaign’s senior advisor attempted to defend the candidate, saying that what he did was both legal and standard for business owners. Syndicated radio host Richard Fowler agreed on this point, but disagreed over Trump’s tax rate, which Epshteyn said was not fair to guess.

“We don’t know how much Trump paid because he won’t release the taxes,” Kelly interrupted.

Kelly then continued to interject over Epshteyn as he addressed the facts in losses declared by Trump as well as successes that created jobs for thousands.

“You’re not answering any of my points,” Kelly snapped at him, obviously frustrated.” I’m giving you the opportunity to respond.”

This attitude immediately backfired on Kelly, as she was quickly hit with major backlash on Twitter.

If Megyn Kelly continues to alienate Fox News fans with these attacks on Trump, she won’t survive on the network much longer. SHARE this story if Kelly should be FIRED from Fox!



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