Megyn Kelly Threatens To Quit Fox If THIS Doesn’t Happen

Earlier this week, Fox News host Megyn Kelly hinted that she would be leaving the network. Now, it has been revealed that this interview was actually a bargaining chip to garner Kelly a higher salary.

According to Daily Mail, insiders say Kelly is unlikely to leave Fox, and that she only hinted that she would be departing so that she could get a salary closer to that of her male counterparts like Bill O’Reilly, who earns $15 million a year.

“This sounds like a negotiating tactic. Megyn will take meetings with others but she has the best platform at Fox News,” a source told Page Six. “[Kelly will demand] a salary as high as other top men in the news business and equal to that of her rival, Bill O’Reilly.”

Kelly is reportedly livid that she earns $9 million a year while Bill O’Reilly earns between $15 and $17 million. However, the source admits that since Kelly is unlikely to get that kind of salary from any other network, she will likely stay at Fox.

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