Michelle Obama Caught In Massive Lie – She’s Humiliated

Every American knows how much Michelle Obama loves attention. That’s why it was insulting to the intelligence of millions of Americans when Michelle claimed she feels “uncomfortable” watching herself on TV.

“It’s kind of uncomfortable,” Michelle said of watching herself. “Like oh, I don’t like the way I looked. Oh, I sounded funny.”

According to Daily Caller, Michelle said she avoids watching herself on TV whenever she can. Yeah, right…

Michelle made the comments while speaking to a group of children at the White House for “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day,” but even the kids didn’t appear to be buying her story. If you hate being on TV so much, Michelle, why won’t you ever shut up? Why won’t you stop constantly telling Americans how to live their lives?

Frankly, everything this woman does makes us sick. SHARE this story if you want Michelle and her man OUT of the White House!



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