Michelle Obama Caught Doing Something Truly Sickening On Camera

With all the threats facing America today, you would think Michelle Obama would be using her role as First Lady to fight back against ISIS or North Korea. Instead, Michelle dropped everything this week to host her last garden-planting event at the White House.

During the event, Michelle whined about how emotional this last garden event is for her. It’s sickening that she gets more worked up about a garden than she does about the countless American lives being lost in the war on terror.

“It was eight years ago that we cooked up this really interesting idea that maybe we could dig up some dirt on the South Lawn … maybe somebody would let us do that, and we would plant a wonderful garden that would be a space for us to talk about the food we eat,” Michelle recalled, according to ABC News.

“This is my baby. And hopefully, this will not be the last planting,” she continued. “Hopefully, there will be other administrations who come in and they take up this project and continue to make this a part of the White House tradition.”

Frankly, everything this woman does makes us sick. SHARE this story if you think Michelle and her man should be EVICTED from the White House!



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