What Michelle Obama And Her Daughters Were Just Caught Doing In Spain Will Make You SICK

Michelle Obama is currently finishing off a six-day, multi-million dollar vacation to Spain that is being funded by the American taxpayers.

On Thursday night, Michelle and her two daughters stepped out in fancy outfits to visit an exhibition at the Prado museum in Madrid. According to Daily Mail, 17 year-old Malia showed up to the event in a black off-the-shoulder top and flowing floral skirt while her 15 year-old sister Sasha wore a red and white floral dress and black sandals. Both girls were wearing stylish choker necklaces as well.



The Obama women have spent the last six days on a world tour, with Michelle claiming she was taking the trip solely to promote female education. The women have travelled to Liberia, Morocco, and finally Spain, costing American taxpayers millions and millions of dollars.

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