Michelle Obama Disrespects American Flag In A Horrifying Way

We knew the Obamas had no respect for our country, but we never thought they’d go this far in disrespecting America…

In the video below, Michelle Obama is caught on camera revealing what she really thinks about the American flag. This proves that both she and her husband should be evicted from the White House.

In 2011, YouTuber the DrRJP released a video that shows First Lady Michelle Obama referring to Ole’ Glory as “ that d**n flag.”

The video has recently resurfaced. After watching it, Glenn Beck claimed that Michelle had said something derogatory about the flag. So he called on Adam the intern, who has been deaf most of his life, to read her lips.

“Look at how they fold that flag,” Adam commented. 

It’s not surprising that the world would thing Michelle was stomping all over the American symbol. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that she has disrespected this country.

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