Michelle Obama Drops Bombshell About Post-White House Plans

The Obamas may be leaving the White House at the end of the year, but during an appearance on Today on Monday, Michelle Obama made it clear that she has no intention of leaving the public eye anytime soon.

According to The Grio, Michelle told Al Roker that she intends to continue pushing her healthy food agenda at schools all over the country. Despite the fact that her school lunch plan has been a massive failure, Michelle has no intention of letting it go just because she isn’t first lady anymore.

When asked to describe her seven years in the White House in five words, Michelle replied, “fun, challenging, creative, dynamic and at times delicious.” This could not be more different than the five words we would use to describe her time in the White House, which would be “disgusting, sickening, vile, damaging, and illegal.”

Though we were hoping the Obamas would quietly return to whatever hole they came from upon leaving office, it’s clear that won’t be happening. SHARE if you are SICK of Michelle and Barack Obama!



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