Michelle Obama Just Got Humiliated In Front Of The Entire Nation – She’s Devastated

Michelle Obama fancies herself to be one of the best first lady of all time, but these moments prove that she is anything but that.

According to Right Wing News, one of Michelle’s most embarrassing moments was the time she was caught rolling her eyes TWICE while then Speaker of the House John Boehner, was speaking. Real classy, Michelle…


Then there was the time she was caught on camera disrespecting our country during a ceremony honoring 9/11. Michelle was caught whispering “all this for a damn flag?” to her husband, obviously referring to the American flag.

Michelle also humiliated herself while meeting Queen Elizabeth of England as she broke royal protocol by touching the queen multiple times. Whenever people meet Queen Elizabeth, they are told one rule: do NOT touch the queen. Clearly, Michelle doesn’t listen to instructions very well…


However, there was no moment more embarrassing for Michelle than the time she was caught on camera getting jealous when her husband took an all-smile selfie with the Prime Minister of Denmark, Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Clearly, Michelle has some jealousy issues she needs to work out…


In the end, Michelle has been the complete opposite of a classy first lady. SHARE if you want her OUT of the White House!



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