Michelle Obama LIVID After Congress Hits Her With THIS

There is nothing Michelle Obama is more proud of from her time as first lady than her Hunger-Free Kids Act. That’s why it came as bad news for her on Monday when Congress made a major move to put an end to these meal standards for good.

According to Conservative Tribune, the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee released bipartisan legislation this week that would change meal standards that had been implemented in schools across across America over the last few years thanks to Michelle. If the legislation moves through to law, schools will have a lot more freedom in meal choices by easing stringent rules that require public school districts to purchase whole grains while severely limiting the amount of sugar, fat and sodium in meals.

Michelle’s current law forces schools to use whole grains at least 80 percent of the time if they wish to receive federal school lunch money. Students have been so disgusted with the quality of the meals that they throw them out instead of eating them, wasting millions of tax dollars. We can hardly blame them. Would you eat this?


Or this?

If this legislation passes through Congress, the Agriculture Department will be required to create new whole grain and sodium standards within 90 days. Michelle’s school lunch program should have been ditched long ago, so this has been a longtime coming!

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