Muslim Mob Attacks Philadelphia Restaurant – ‘We Belong To ISIS’

Police in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are looking for five men who were caught on camera assaulting two couples at a local Geno’s Steaks before fleeing the restaurant in their pickup truck and SUV. Witnesses reportedly heard the men pledge allegiance to ISIS before they left.

According to WND, the assault occurred on June 11, and police have deemed the footage of it to be “too graphic” to release to the public. One of the victims, who has been identified as Patrick Kane, has described the attack as horrific. He told reporters that he had just left a wedding and after-hours nightclub with his wife Brooke and another couple when they stopped at the restaurant to eat. After they’d eaten, his wife’s friend turned to a nearby group and asked for a cigarette.

“That is when the guys just lost their minds,” said Kane.

Kane said that one of the men shoved his hand over his wife’s friend’s face and pushed her down to the sidewalk.

“Don’t mess with us,” Kane said the hoodlum shouted. “We belong to ISIS.”

Kane’s wife then tried to help her friend get up as she told the punks their comments about ISIS wasn’t funny. The men in the mob responded by punching her, at which point Kane and his friend intervened.

“What went from putting hands on two girls became five guys attacking us,” Kane recounted.

Kane ended up being punched in the nose, head and eye before the men got away.

“It is ridiculous that this even happened,” Kane concluded. “I don’t know why things have to escalate like this.”

Police have described the two vehicles as a dark colored pickup truck and an SUV. Police are also looking for one woman who is believed to have been the group’s getaway driver SHARE this story so we can help find these hoodlums!



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