Muslims Attack Reporter On Live TV For Being ‘Too Pretty’ – Then This Happens

Two Muslim men were caught on camera giving a disturbing “Islamic lesson” to a female reporter in the Netherlands whose seemingly normal attire violated Shariah law.

“For which channel are you working, sir?” one of the men could be heard saying in the video, which was uploaded to LiveLeak this weekend.

When the reporter replied that she is a woman, the Muslim punk got even angrier.

“I can see half your ass,” he whined, according to Conservative Tribune.

“Everybody looks at your ass from behind,” his pal then added. “Are you always dressing like this?”

Things only got worse when the woman tried to explain that she does indeed always dress like this.

“What a slut you are,” one said. “That’s how sluts dress, too.”

“Fix your clothes,” said the other one. “Try to look more decent.”

“Close your ass, f***ing whore.”

Videos like this remind us that despite what Barack Obama says, Muslim migrants have no interest in assimilating into western culture. Instead, they will never be satisfied until we have all submitted to Shariah law.

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