NEWS ALERT: Hacker Leaks 23K New Hillary Emails to Prove She Was…

One month ago, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange told the world that the next batch of leaked Hillary Clinton emails could lead to an indictment. Now, days after the FBI announced they would not be charging Clinton, over 23,000 of her emails have been leaked for the entire world to see.

According to Young Conservatives, this came after FBI Director James Comey said Clinton may not have understood what was classified and what wasn’t. Wikileaks, however, isn’t buying it at all.

During a House Oversight Committee hearing, Comey was asked by Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) to clarify his comments that Clinton didn’t know what a classified marking is.

“No, not that she would have no idea what a classified marking would be,” Comey responded, according to The Hill. “It’s an interesting question whether she … was actually sophisticated enough to understand what a C in [parentheses] means.”

“You asked me if I would assume someone would know,” he added. “Probably before this investigation, I would have. I am not so sure of that any longer. I think it’s possible — possible — that she didn’t know what a C meant when she saw it in the body of an email like that.”

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