No-Nonsense Judge Gives Teen Thugs A Brutal Dose Of Reality

A new video is going viral this week, and it shows a judge give a courtroom full of children a huge wakeup call when she warns them about what happens when one gets incarcerated.

According to Law Newz, Judge Verda Colvin told the teenagers that prison involves things like, “Somebody raping you in the middle of the night, and there’s nothing you can do but just lay there because guess what, everybody got to get their turn.”

The footage was filmed as part of “Consider the Consequences,” a scared straight program at Bibb County, Georgia that involves showing kids age 9 to 17 what it’s like to be in jail. The kids wore prison jumpsuits and were put in cells, but it was their meeting with Colvin that left many of them in tears. With any luck, they’ll think twice before committing any crimes in the future!



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