Nobody Expected A Bikini Model To Do THIS On Camera

Andressa Urach is a bikini model who gained international fame for her very large butt. After disappearing from the modeling world for some time, however, she has reemerged with a shocking new look that has left her fans stunned.


According to Mad World News, the former Miss BumBum in Brazil has found God, and she’s traded in pasties for a pair of khaki’s and a polo shirt as she travels around her country spreading the Christian faith.


Urach nearly died after the fillers she injected into her butt “rotted” in her body and caused a potentially deadly infection. During the harrowing experience, Urach realized she was suffering internal torment for having sold her body as the result of sexual abuse as a child, so she begged God for a second chance.


“None of my money could help me then. I knew that my soul was condemned to hell. I begged God to forgive me, I wanted to have another chance to do things differently,” she said.

God gave her the second chance she prayed for, and Urach now spends her days preaching to female inmates throughout Brazil about how they can change their lives.

“I want people to know what I know, that the devil really does exist, that the root of people’s problems is spiritual,” she said of her message, adding that she hopes to begin preaching in Africa some day soon. “After I managed to free myself, I saw that people need help.”

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