Obama Announces Lavish Summer Vacation On Taxpayers’ Dime

The Obama family has spent the last seven years taking as many lavish vacations they can on the American taxpayers’ dime. Now, new reports have revealed that they are planning to use their last summer in the presidency to do the exact same thing.

The Cape Cod Times reported that Obama will spend his last summer in office relaxing with his family in Martha’s Vineyard, just as he has done in past years. Coast Guard Captain Timothy Tobiasz, the commanding officer of Air Station Cape Cod, told reporters the first family will probably come back to the area for about three weeks.

According to Western Journalism, Tobiasz went on to say that personnel of Air Station Cape Cod would be providing support and security during Obama’s visit. The White House has yet to officially confirm Obama’s summer plans.

Obama has vacationed in Martha’s Vineyard during the summer for six of his seven years in office, only skipping the ritual in 2012. In past years, he has been criticized for spending his time there. Back in 2014, Obama was slammed for giving a short press conference following the death of U.S. citizen James Foley at the hands of ISIS before playing a round of golf.

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