Obama Caught Committing ‘Impeachable Offense’ – It’s Happening

Disturbing new reports have revealed that Barack Hussein Obama is encouraging businesses and governments alike to make peace with the Iranian marketplace, despite the fact that the Middle Eastern nation is the number one sponsor of Islamic terror.

According to Right Wing News, officials with the Obama administration are orchestrating an international campaign to encourage businesses and governments to reengage in the Iranian marketplace. The Free Beacon reported that this has caused members of Congress to accuse Obama’s White House of behaving as the Islamic Republic’s top global “lobbying shop.”

The administration’s efforts on Iran’s behalf go far beyond the requirements laid out in last summer’s nuclear agreement, and they are said to have pressured the world’s foremost financial task force to reduce counter-terror efforts that affect Iran, despite Tehran’s role as the globe’s top exporter of terrorism. This coincides with both private and public efforts by American officials to promote increased international trade with Iran.

“The Obama administration is now regarded as Iran’s lobbying shop both in Europe, where companies are eager for Washington’s cover to go back into Iran, and on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers blame Treasury officials for lying to them in confidential briefings about sanctions relief,” said one foreign policy adviser who works closely with Congress on this matter. “Meanwhile inside the White House the deals’ supporters are so far gone they say they support dropping anti-terror measures against Iran even while they admit that Iran is the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism.”

Terrorism experts have warned that what Obama is doing could open American businesses to involvement in Iran’s export of terror and corruption.

What Obama is doing is putting us all in danger, and his actions are definitely enough to get him impeached. SHARE this story if you want him OUT of the White House!



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