Obama Caught On Camera Doing The Unthinkable With Communist Leader

Barack Obama is currently on an extravagant vacation in Cuba, marking the first time in 90 years that a president has visited the communist nation. Now, Obama has been caught on camera palling around with Cuba’s communist leader. The footage says a lot about the person Obama really is.

So Obama has affirmed that his America just loves oppressive totalitarian communist governments, and I don’t mean the one running in the White House under Michelle Obama. I’m talking about his “historic” and idiotic trip to commie Cuba.

BUT there was one really bizarre moment at the end of the press conference between our commie leader and Cuba’s commie leader.

It looks like he’s doing everything he can to DENY Raul Castro a photo op moment with his arm around him, or a handshake, or.. something.

I honestly don’t know, it’s just weird.

But instead of leaving history with a picture of his commie arm in a victorious salute with Raul’s commie arm, Obama gives posterity the “limp wrist” treatment. What a great moment for America, and a perfect image of the relations between this President and our enemies.

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