Obama Desperately Trying To Hide What Muslims Did In US Capitol Today – Spread This NOW

Muslims claim they descended on Capitol Hill on Monday to celebrate the second annual National Muslim Advocacy Day, but former Reagan administration official Frank J. Gaffney has just revealed that the real reason for their presence was far more sinister.

In a column for The Hill, Gaffney revealed that the group that organized the meet up was actually the United States Council of Muslim Organizations, a fake organization “associated with, and working to advance, the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States.”

“With the launch of the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations in March 2014, the Muslim Brotherhood has secured a new instrument for its subversion: a self-described U.S. ‘political party’ meant to … achieve what the Islamic supremacists would regard as favorable outcomes in the 2016 elections,” Gaffney wrote, according to Conservative Tribune.

The Muslim Brotherhood is reportedly trying to steer the 2016 elections so they can ensure a pro-Islam candidate becomes president so they can continue their goal in “destroying Western civilization.”

“Another reason lawmakers and their staffs should be leery of this new Muslim Brotherhood front group is its avowed intention to make common cause with radical non-Muslim entities like the Black Lives Matter movement,” Gaffney continued.

The USCMO’s website stated that the “advocacy issues” they addressed on Monday included the alleged rise of Islamophobia and the oversight of President Barack Obama’s Countering Violent Extremism programs, which were designed to target members of rightwing militias rather than Islamic terrorists.

In essence, the USCMO went to Capitol Hill to distract lawmakers from the real issue at hand, which is Islamic terrorism, by instead making them focus on rightwing extremism. Sadly, the politicians completely fell for it.

“As long as organizations associated with Islamic supremacism like the USCMO and its member organizations dominate ‘Muslim Advocacy Day’ on Capitol Hill, it will actually be Muslim Brotherhood Advocacy Day,” Gaffney concluded. “And legislators should have nothing to do with either its participants or its programs.”

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