Obama Disrespects Cops In Sickening Way After Dallas – He Should Be IMPEACHED

Americans everywhere are mourning the deaths of the five police officers who were murdered in Dallas by a Black Lives Matter activist on Thursday night, but Barack Hussein Obama isn’t among them. While he is quick to honor the victims of other mass shootings, he has virtually ignored these five fallen cops.

Obama has done some despicable things during his presidency, but this is definitely one of the worst…

In the past, President Barack Obama has expressed his support for various causes in interesting ways, with one of the more recent being lighting the White House with rainbow lights when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage in earlier in June.

Obama’s tribute to the officers that lost their lives in the line of duty was not so grand. In fact, it paled in comparison to what Gov. Abbott did for those who were slain.

While Obama did fly the flag half staff, that’s all he did.

In a sense, it’s not surprising. We wouldn’t expect Obama to show any kind of support for the police when all he has done throughout his two terms as president is fuel the narrative that police are out to shoot young, innocent black men.

Just this week, he had the nerve to slam policemen and say that blacks are more vulnerable to these kinds of incidents than the rest of America.

It’s a shame and disgrace that our commander in chief chooses to show such disregard for our officers, and to not honor their deaths is despicable.

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