Obama Makes Chilling Announcement About His Plans For His Final Days In Office

Donald Trump became the presumptive GOP presidential nominee on Tuesday night. While many conservatives are rejoicing, Republican icon Michael Savage has warned that Trump winning the general election wouldn’t be as good as we think.

According to Conservative Tribune, Savage predicted on his radio show this week that if Trump beats Hillary Clinton in the general election, Obama will send the country into a deliberate tailspin.

“If Trump wins — and I think he will — there will be an economic crash,” Savage said on his show, according to WND.

“The reason I say that is not because of his policies, but because of what Obama will do on the way out the door,” he continued, adding that if voters thought that a President Trump could “turn this huge ship around, you don’t know much about navigation in turbulent waters.”

“Wait until you see what happens in the last few months if Trump wins. Wait until you see what that nice guy in the White House does,” Savage warned. “(Federal Reserve Chairman Janet) Yellen ups interest rates, Obama and his band of unmerry pranksters — Sharpton and company — unleash the mobs.”

“(George) Soros makes a last-ditch effort to distract Trump and the new Justice Department from currency manipulation and other financial games he may have been playing. Spends tens of millions on social agitation,” he added. “Obama floods the U.S. with Central Americans, Syrians and Africans, mainly Muslim, mainly young males, and grants pardons to 10,000 more Central American drug dealers.”

“Let’s see what else might these decent Americans do? Release a few more billion pork barrel ‘green’ projects? You can guess!” Savage concluded.

Obama has shown that he isn’t afraid to shamelessly use executive actions to force Americans to do his bidding when things don’t go his way. Unfortunately, Savage could be spot on with this prediction…

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