Obama Quietly Just Did THIS… He Has No Boundaries

Barack Obama has just signed a horrifying new bill that will come as bad news for truckers everywhere.

The Washington Post reported that a major pension provider for truckers will cut benefits by a large amount for an average of 23 percent for the truckers it covers if Obama’s Treasury Department approves it.

According to Conservative Tribune, the Central States Pension Fund manages pension funds for Teamsters union truck drivers from a variety of states including Texas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri, New York and Minnesota. Though the fund was nowhere close to running out of money, they have been trying to cut the benefits it pays by almost 25 percent across the board.

This seems like it should be illegal, but thanks to Barack Obama’s 2014 CRomnibus bill, it isn’t. This bill was an effort by both the GOP establishment and Obama to keep the government running at conservatives’ expense while also giving as many political favors to as many people as possible.

“This is going to be a national crisis for hundreds of thousands, and eventually millions, of retirees and their families,” said Karen Friedman, executive vice president of the Pension Rights Center. “It’s going to open the floodgates for other cuts.”

It’s sickening that in Obama’s America, welfare queens and freeloaders matter more than hardworking truckers. SHARE this story so we can raise awareness about what Obama is REALLY doing!



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