Obama Skips Nancy Reagan’s Funeral, Then Gets EXACTLY What’s Coming To Him

Last Friday, President Obama skipped the funeral of Nancy Reagan in favor of speaking at the South by Southwest festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately for him, however, things didn’t go so well for him there.

According to Mad World News, Obama scolded the festival attendees, whining that the United States makes it too difficult for its citizens to vote.

“We’re the only advanced democracy in the world that makes it harder for people to vote,” Obama said, at which point the crowd began laughing at his stupidity. Watch as the president becomes visibly annoyed with their belittling reaction to his words.

“You’re laughing, but it’s sad,” Obama said. “We take enormous pride in the fact that we are the world’s oldest, continuous democracy, and yet systematically put up barriers and make it as hard as possible for our citizens to vote, and it is much easier to order pizza or a trip than it is for you to exercise the single most important task in a democracy, and that is for you to select who’s going to represent you in government.”

We’re glad to see that this crowd was too smart for Obama’s nonsense. SHARE if you think he got what he deserved!



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