Obama-Voting Hoodlums Think It’d Be Funny To Burn American Flag – Then These Patriotic Bikers Show Up…

In Obama’s America, it’s now considered “hip” and “cool” to desecrate the American flag. In this video, however, a group of punks learn the hard way that messing with our nation’s flag is never a good idea.

According to GOP The Daily Dose, the video below opens with a group of punks burning a confederate flag in New York City’s Central Park. At the 44 second mark, one of them throws an American flag in the fire. While some in the crowd gasp, one brave man steps up to pull the flag out of the fire.

The man stomps on the flag’s burned edges to put them out, enraging the gang of hoodlums. They quickly change their tunes, however, when a group of bikers show up.

“Anarchist scum,” the bikers shout as they follow the punks. “Get out here!”

When they finally catch the man who burned the flag, he shouts that he doesn’t like America. What a classic Obama-voter…

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