Obama-Voting Punks Burn American Flag Outside Of Police Station, Then Get A RUDE Wakeup Call

A group of anti-cop protesters disrespected our country in a sickening way this week when they burned an American flag outside a Staten Island police station.

According to the NY Post, the burning took place in protest of the NYPD’s investigation into the death of a black teenage boy who police said suffered a fatal asthma attack after a gang-related street fight last month. The protest took place last Saturday, and footage of it was quickly posted to Youtube.

“We light fire for the ancestors who have gone before us who were lynched,” a woman can be heard saying as another protester tries to ignite the flag. “We light this flag for Dayshen McKenzie, who was lynched.”

“We light this flag for Akai Gurley, who was lynched. We light this flag for Eric Garner, who was lynched,” another protester said.

The group behind this protest calls themselves “NYC Shut It Down,” and one of their protesters said the point of the event was to “put pressure on the NYPD” to find those involved in the fight related to McKenzie.

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