What The Obamas Were Caught Doing This Weekend Will Make You SICK

Ever since the Obamas entered the White House, they have enjoyed spending millions of our tax dollars on their own lavish lifestyles. They recently did this once again when they embarked on an expensive date night on our dime.

Welcome to Obama’s America, folks…

As we previously reported, President Barack Obama recently returned from a six-day trip to Vietnam and Japan. During his visit, he apologized profusely for the 1945 bombing of Hiroshima.

When he returned from pushing his own agenda, Barack Obama took Michelle out for a lavish date night to their favorite Mexican restaurant. If you’re thinking dollar signs, you’re spot on.

According to Daily Mail, the Obamas were spotted walking into the expensive Oyamel restaurant in Washington D.C. 

They were not first-timers. In fact, the Obamas have visited the restaurant, which is owned by celebrity chef Jose Andres, on many occasions. It was also their destination for Michelle’s recent birthday. 

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