One Of Obama’s Illegals Breaks Into Patriot’s Garage – Gets a NASTY Surprise

When 28-year-old illegal alien Kevin Mitchell Gonzales tried to break into a home in Longview, Texas, he definitely wasn’t expecting THIS to happen!

As Gonzales tried to break into the garage of the home, the homeowner walked in, and a physical altercation ensued. According to American News, Gonzales pulled out a gun, but the Texan homeowner quickly wrestled it away from him and gave him a brutal beating that he won’t soon forget.

After his arrest, police found that “Gonzales” was actually Jose Andres Martinez, a Mexican national who was in the United States illegally. Thanks to Obama’s relaxed immigration laws, Martinez was able to cross the border numerous times, and he had been caught at least twice.

The illegal immigrant had eight different IDs on him at the time of his arrest.

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