Outrage After Obama Is Caught Doing THIS At Yosemite National Park

On Saturday, Barack Hussein Obama visited Yosemite National Park, where he was caught using false information to further his agenda by warning Americans about climate change.

“Fires are raging across the west right now … all while it’s still really early in the season,” he said in a speech at the park, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Breitbart reported that this is just the latest in a long line of times Obama has made a spurious connection between wildfires and climate change that scientists have long since rejected. Scientists say that though wildfires could become more likely in the future, the link in the present has not been established, meaning that statements like the one Obama made could lead to inappropriate policies.

Obama also bragged about his administration’s record in expanding public lands and taking regulatory actions, including enforcing the Endangered Species Act, which many in California blame for overzealous protection of the Delta smelt at the expense of water allocations to farmers.

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