Patriotic Sheriffs Come Together To Take A MAJOR Stand Against Obama

A group of patriots known as the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association have come together to defend the U.S. Constitution from Barack Obama.

The Center for Public Integrity reported that the group has said that “its ambition is to encourage law enforcement officers to defy laws they decide themselves are illegal.”

According to American News, the group was formed as a reaction to Obama’s government overreaching in matters that concern guns, taxes and land management. Founder Richard Mack said Obama’s government and it’s agents are “the greatest threat we face today” before vowing that the organization will be “the army to set our nation free.”

“I have never advocated violence,” Mack continued. “I spent 20 years in law enforcement, without every beating up anybody.”

He went on to say that it’s time to take a stand against Obama.

“When you have no place else to go, when all the courts are against you, all the legislators are against you, where else do you go?” he concluded. “I believe to the local county sheriff…and if that means standing against the federal government, then so damn be it.”

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