Patriotic Trucker Catches Thug Slapping Woman, So He Does THIS

A no-nonsense trucker was sitting in his local Waffle House recently when he saw an entitled thug slap a woman across the face. Unfortunately for the punk, he quickly learned he’d made a HUGE mistake.

“You touch her again and you will be my mother f****** BREAKFAST!” the no-patriotic trucker screamed at the thug, according to Conservative Tribune.

The loudmouth hoodlum tried to defend himself, but the trucker had no intention of backing down.

“What you gon’ do, boy?” the trucker asked before he destroyed the coward with a series of expletives.

Bystanders managed to pull the thug away before things got physical, but things then got REALLY nasty when the punk threatened to shoot the trucker.

“Shoot me, mother f******!” the unfazed trucker retorted. “It won’t be the first time.”

Needless to say, this loser will be thinking twice before he lays a hand on a woman again!



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