Peyton Manning Gives Obama A BRUTAL Dose Of Reality

NFL legend Peyton Manning gave Obama some words of advice on Monday just before the Rose Garden reception for the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos.

According to Western Journalism, Obama revealed the words of wisdom during a speech in which he praised and ribbed the newly retired quarterback.

“You should try it. Don’t overstay your welcome,” Manning reportedly told Obama.

“I have term limits. I have no choice,” Obama responded, causing the audience to laugh. The president went on to joke about Manning, saying “And then there is this guy from the commercials. It doesn’t matter whether you need insurance, pizza, a Buick. You basically can stock your whole household with stuff this guy is selling.”

“We were obviously all a little disappointed to see him hang it up this spring,” Obama continued. “As somebody who is a little bit older, I was sympathetic to the idea; running around with all these guys, it takes its toll. But it’s great to see somebody with a career like that who conducted himself on and off the field the way he did be able to go out on top.”

This came after Manning told the Denver NBC affiliate KUSA that Obama had called him after the Indianapolis Colts lost the 2009 Super Bowl to the New Orleans Saints, praising the effort he put in and stating that he liked seeing him in all the different commercials.

“I hope you get back here while I’m still in office,” Manning recalled Obama saying to him.

“I waited till the last possible minute – I waited to my last year of eligibility and his, but it was nice to be able to get here and meet him and he was very nice,’’ the NFL star added.

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