Putin HUMILIATES Obama In Front Of Entire World With THIS

Ever since Russian President Vladimir Putin began openly bashing Barack Obama on the international stage, the country has lost all respect for the “cowardly” American president. Now, Putin’s Russia has humiliated Obama in a whole new way that can only be described as hilarious.

According to Mad World News, merchants in Russia have begun selling a pair of women’s panties in “honor” of Barack Hussein Obama. The “Screwing Obama” underwear can be bought for just $15, and it features Obama’s face across the back with a hole where his mouth is.

The hole is reportedly positioned over the woman’s anus and is meant to be used during intercourse. This means the man’s penis is intended to pass through the hole portraying Obama’s mouth, thereby giving the illusion that you are, in fact, “screwing Obama” in the mouth.

We applaud Russia for sticking it to Obama in such a unique and creative way!



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