Race-Baiters Try To Disturb Trump Rally – Get A BRUTAL Wakeup Call

Donald Trump has been dominating the presidential polls for months now, and race-baiters are furious about it. This week, one liberal protester tried to interrupt a Trump rally in North Carolina, but it didn’t end well for him.

Watch as the loudmouth liberal is given the wakeup call he so desperately needs!

During a North Carolina Trump rally, an African American man was socked by an old white man while he was being escorted out of the event for protesting. 

26-year-old Rakeem Jones was forced to leave the rally. As he was exited the building, a diehard Trump supporter wearing a cowboy hat and black vest decided he deserved a bit more than that.

As Jones stumbled away, he was handcuffed by sheriff deputies. 

The video of the incident, which has since gone viral, is sparking a heated racial debate on social media.

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