Rapper Chris Brown Blasts Trump And Police: “F*** Trump And F*** The Pigs”

Grammy-winning artist Chris Brown is calling for mobs of black people to provoke Donald Trump’s supporters at rallies.

Donald Trump is no stranger to protestors, riots, and violence at his rallies as of late. Naturally, the media blames the republican front runner for the incidents that occur, never passing the blame onto the REAL culprits.

When Chris Brown heard that an activist received a punch to the face in North Carolina, he promptly took to social media to share his opinion:

“Man, this s–t is getting crazy… Black people getting assaulted at f—ing rallies where you’re supposed to talk at. … What you need to start doing — all these black people, go together 40, 50 deep. See what they do then. Keep touching us, motherf—er.”

Just under two hundred thousand people “liked” that not-so-eloquently written post. Then, Chris Brown takes his comments even further…

“God will have his revenge. F–k Trump and f–k the pigs.”

Let that sink in for a moment. Does this sound like an innocent bystander? Or does it sound like someone who is leveraging his social media to incite violence?

Chris continues, “Without our black culture, Asian culture, Latin culture, Muslims and any race that you don’t approve of help you to be who the f–k you are,” .

As noted above, Chris Brown alleges that an incident where a 78 year old man punched a 26 year old in the face, provoked him to share his rant.

Here’s a video of the fight:

It’s ironic that Brown would come out of the woodwork to share his thoughts about an assault because just a few years ago he was the poster boy of domestic violence, multiple times! And rather than hitting a man, Chris Brown was sentenced for hitting a FEMALE! This man has NO RIGHT to be speaking out about such subjects.

The media intentionally mis-represents the violence that occurs. Clearly, this assault did not stem from Donald Trump, but rather it came from a convicted criminal with a long history of violence.

Do you think Chris Brown and other people encouraging violence should be held responsible?

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