Reporter Annihilates Hillary Clinton To Her Face On Live TV

It’s rare for local news reporters to give controversial opinions on political matters during their broadcasts. That’s why it came as a surprise last week when a local reporter in North Dakota explained to his viewers that a Hillary Clinton presidency would ruin the state’s economy.

Chris Berg, host of “6:30 Point of View” on KXJB-TV in Valley City, North Dakota, told his viewers last Friday that the idea of the Clintons to the White House  “should freak people out” in his state since Hillary has big plans for the state’s oil revenue. According to Conservative Tribune, Berg said this as Bill Clinton was in the nearby city of Fargo trying to gain support for his wife.

Berg began by pointing out that the North Dakota Office of Management and Budget had just released a revenue report saying that the state had missed its budget forecast.

“Bottom line, our state is not only losing jobs, it is clearly losing revenue as well … the revenues that fund our government,” Berg told his audience.

“This should freak some people out if you think about what a Hillary Clinton presidency would mean for the state of North Dakota,” Berg said. “Right now, for the fracking industry, the oil and gas industry generates about $17 billion a year.”

The Washington Free Beacon wrote that “(t)he petroleum industry has $17.7 billion in direct economic impact on North Dakota, $25.4 billion in secondary economic impact, and creates 55,137 jobs for the state in direct employment while adding another 26,403 in secondary employment.”

“Even if you cut that thing in a quarter, it’s still a lot of jobs that have direct employment and secondary employment and revenues,” Berg continued. “So you got to get a little bit concerned when you see the numbers coming out from the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics today.”

The anchor then played a clip of Hillary discussing fracking.

“So by the time we get through all of my conditions, I do not think there will be many places in America where fracking will continue to take place,” she was shown saying.

“Clearly, the free market, if you will, if you can consider OPEC a free market, has driven down the price of oil, which has already impacted our economy enough,” Berg concluded. “Then you put on more regulations per a Secretary Clinton presidency, it’s not going to bode well for the state of North Dakota’s economy and jobs.”

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