Reporter Tells Trump He’s ‘Offensive’ To His Face – Gets Hit Back With THIS

During a press conference in North Dakota on Thursday, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump infuriated liberals everywhere by calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas.”

Of course, this is a hilarious hit at the fact that Warren claims to be part Native American when in reality that is a very obscure, small part of her heritage. While we think this was a funny joke, the liberal reporters in the room did not agree.

“That’s very offensive!” yelled one reporter, according to The Political Insider.

Trump showed his contempt for the reporter by sarcastically apologizing before continuing to refer to Warren as “Pocahontas.”

Liberals became even more angry about this clip when they learned the reporter who called Trump out was Native American herself.

What these liberals don’t understand, however, is that it’s this obsession with political correctness that has made Trump so popular in the first place. REAL Americans are sick of PC culture, so the more these idiots call Trump out, the more we’re going to love him!



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