Sarah Palin Stuns Supporters With Shocking Announcement

Sarah Palin has found herself in hot water this week after giving a controversial speech for Donald Trump that many are calling both offensive and odd. The former Alaska governor is known for speaking her mind, and that’s exactly what she just did once again.

Sarah Palin raised some eyebrows in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Friday after she said immigrants are being tempted over the border with gift baskets. 

Speaking at the GOP fish fry dinner, Palin said that undocumented immigrants coming across the Mexican-US border get ‘gift baskets with soccer balls’.

Palin was referencing an event from two years ago, in which Glenn Beck brought care packages to undocumented immigrant children at the border. 

The packages included soccer balls, teddy bears and other items, according to a 2014 article from Breitbart

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz participated in the event. 

At the time, a Cruz spokesperson said the children were ‘very real victims of the President’s promise of amnesty’. 

Several reporters from across the United States were at the dinner on Friday and described the mood of the room when Palin was speaking. 

‘At Milwaukee GOP dinner, Sarah Palin intro’d as “icon to conservatives everywhere.” Man in the back snorts. Polite applause as she walks up,’ Matt Flegenheimer, of the New York Times, wrote on Twitter. 

When she started speaking about undocumented immigrants, the speech took a strange turn.  

‘Sarah Palin just said that immigrants are being enticed over the border with gift baskets (???),’ Rosie Gray, political reporter at Buzzfeed News, wrote on Twitter. 

Patrick Svitek, of the Texas Tribune, wrote: ‘On illegal immigrants, Palin says Trump’s opponents are “inducing and seducing them with gift baskets.”‘

Philip Rucker, national political correspondent for the Washington Post said that ‘8 mins into her speech at GOP dinner and no applause yet. Some eye rolls and phone checking tho’, and suggested Palin ‘has faded’. 

He later added in that 14 minutes into her speech there was ‘still no applause’, but there was ‘some laughter when Palin says “Trump talks rationally”‘. 

Gray said that when Palin finished there was ‘mild applause’ and that the ‘whole thing was awkward’. 

‘At Milwaukee County GOP dinner, probably the quietest room I’ve ever heard for Sarah Palin speech,’ Bryan York, chief political correspondent, Washington Examiner, said at the end of the speech.

Palin opened her speech on Friday jokingly calling for presidential candidates to join together and support Green Bay Packer offensive lineman Jerry Kramer’s induction into the NFL hall of fame.  

Her free-flowing speech criticized Wall Street, mentioned free trade and discussed military intervention, according to Inquisitr

‘The establishment’s interest runs counter to the interests of the people,’ Palin said. ‘Common sense is an endangered species in Washington.’

She added that Trump is the only presidential candidate who creates jobs, balances a budget, builds ‘big things’ and ‘understands reality’.

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