School Replaced ‘Under God’ With ‘Under Allah’ In Pledge — The Reason Why Is DISTURBING!

The principal at Rocky Mountain High School, which is located in Colorado, gave his students a HORRIBLE surprise. He decided to allow the cultural group to change the most important part of the Pledge of Allegiance, which is read aloud to students at the start of every week.

You might be wondering what they could possibly change, while still remaining ethical and loyal to America. Turns out, he his ethics out the window, and allowed a group of muslim students to change the most sacred line “One Nation Under God” to “One Nation Under Allah” AND say the entire pledge in arabic.

Naturally, this infuriated parents whom the students complained to. What type of an example does that set?! An unpatriotic one, that’s what.

Yet Lopez insists he made the right choice by letting the muslim students alter the Pledge of Allegiance. He said:

“These students love this country, they were note being un-American in trying to do this.”

A representative from the school district addressed the problem saying, “we understand not everybody would agree with the students’ choice.” She then went on to stand by the principal’s decision and support the students by claiming the recital of the pledge in a different language is a tradition at their school.

A number of the students said the cultural motto, “destroy the barriers, embrace the cultures,” was reason to allow such an act. One student claimed, “no matter what language it’s said in, pledging your allegiance to the United States is the same in every language.” Well, not exactly, the pledge was written in English and therefore should be recited in English. That will allow us to avoid any and all translation issues like saying “one nation under allah”.

People from the community expressed their concerns with Lopez, claiming he was supporting Muslim plans and disrespecting the United States by doing so. Meanwhile, Lopez has been accused of pushing a Muslim agenda. H/T Fox

Do you think students should say “One Nation Under Allah”?

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