Secret Service Agent Turns On Hillary Clinton – Reveals Her Darkest Secret

Former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne protected the Clintons for eight years during their time in the White House. Now, however, he has turned on the couple with his forthcoming book Crisis of Character in which he details just how awful they really were.

“The First Lady had a different sort of liveliness,” Byrne wrote in an excerpt obtained exclusively by Breitbart. “She once threw a Bible at an agent on her detail, hitting him in the back of the head. He bluntly let her know it wasn’t acceptable. He told me that story himself.”

Byrne went on to say that for agents, being assigned to Hillary’s detail “was a form of punishment handed down by passive-aggressive middle management.” The agent claimed that Hillary’s rage got worse the more she felt “at home she felt in the White House,” as Hillary “vented on everyone” and “it got worse” as time went on.

“Most of us knew to brace for her inevitable eruptions,” Byrne wrote. “They didn’t happen every day, but behind closed doors we learned about them fast. In public, she was everyone’s best friend. Privately, she was her normal self.”

Hillary allegedly once even told an agent to “Go f— yourself” after telling another to “Go to hell!” Byrne wrote:

One day, UD [Uniformed Division] officers met to review events at their respective postS. A bewildered new officer arrived. ‘Hey you’ll never believe it, but I passed the First lady and she told me to go to hell!’ A second young officer responded, ‘You think that’s bad? I passed her on the West Colonnade, and all I said was ‘Good morning, First Lady.’ She told me, ‘Go f— yourself.’ ‘Are you serious?’ ‘Go f— yourself!’ He imitated her, pointing a finger.

The unit’s sergeant challenged the story at first, “but another officer soon corroborated” it.

“Our sergeant was speechless,” Byrne wrote. “We assured the rookie that this wasn’t the job’s normal atmosphere—at least, not under the previous administration. The sergeant fumed and called the watch commander, who pushed things up the Secret Service chain of command, who said they’d forward it to Chief of Staff Leon Panetta.”

In another excerpt, Byrne recounted the time he heard Hillary screaming at Bill Clinton that she believed the Secret Service was out to get them:

‘They f—ed us, Bill!’ Hillary screamed. I stifled a laugh. The president tried his best to calm her down. He couldn’t. Hillary Clinton possessed no perspective. ‘We need to get rid of these assholes, Bill!’ She thought she was being tough—in command—but the issue commanded her. She fumed that the Secret Service’s Uniformed Division, my branch, disloyal leftovers from Papa Bush, conspired against the administration. ‘They’ve had it out for us from the beginning!’ she kept yelling.

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