Secret Service Makes Disturbing Announcement About Trump’s Safety – This Isn’t Good…

The Secret Service has just announced that they have been forced to ramp up security for Donald Trump and his family after they received numerous threats to their safety.

According to Conservative Tribune, the FBI was forced to evacuate the home of Trump’s son Eric after a suspicious envelope containing white powder and a threat was delivered there. The letter was reportedly opened by 32 year-old Eric’s wife at their apartment on the 14th floor of the Trump Parc East in Manhattan’s Central Park South neighborhood.

Preliminary tests have been conducted on the powder, and they’ve shown that it was non-hazardous.

NBC News reported that a threatening letter was then sent to Trump’s 78-year-old sister Maryanne Trump Barry on Friday in Philadelphia. The letter to Trump Barry, who is a judge with the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit, did not contain any white powder, and there is no word on whether authorities believe the letters to be related.

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Trump’s own staff has also said they will be increasing their security presence in light of violent clashes with protesters in Arizona on Saturday.

“We will be dedicating additional security resources to larger events in the future to prevent staff from having to intervene,” campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks said in a Sunday statement obtained by ABC News.

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