Shooting Outside White House – Obama Calls For Prayers

Disturbing video footage has just been released showing the moment Secret Service agents shot a gunman moments after he walked up to the gate of the White House holding a pistol and refused to drop it.

Daily Mail reported that Jesse Olivieri, of Ashland, Pennsylvania, was shot once in the stomach on May 20 at the security checkpoint after he repeatedly ignored orders to drop his silver .22 caliber Ruger handgun. The shocking surveillance footage shows the 31 year-old brazenly walking up the gate with the weapon clearly in his hand.

The Secret Service claims that Olivieri told them after he was shot, “I came here to shoot people.”

“He was carrying a gun — it was a silver gun in clear sight,’ witness Larry Samples told NBC News. “[Authorities] yelled multiple times, ‘Stop! Stop! Stop!’ He kept ignoring them.”

One law enforcement official speculated that Olivieri was likely trying to carry out a “suicide by cop,” but he survived and attended a federal court hearing in May in a wheelchair. He is now facing charges of resisting officers with a dangerous weapon, which carries a maximum of 20 years in prison.

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