While Shopping In Walmart, She Felt Something Tickling Her Leg. When She Looks Down? UNFATHOMABLE

When you are shopping in WalMart, you are bound to run into some strange people now and then, but the last thing you would expect is to be harassed or assaulted, correct?

Well as you are going about your food shopping, one of the last things you would expect to happen is to have an individual creep into the space that is personal to you. Unfortunately, these incidents are becoming more and more common; this is just a highlighted incident that occurred.

When a woman was doing her shopping in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, at the end of March, she was harassed and violated within the store. Until she had a strange feeling on her leg, she did not realize that anything was happening.

She had been wearing a skirt when she noticed that a man as sticking a phone underneath her skirt and was attempting to take some pictures.

Luckily she was wearing a pair of shorts below the skirt, but she was still extremely disturbed. Straight away she called over the store’s management.

They managed to follow the individual to his vehicle which was said to be a 2005 Ford explorer that had a South Carolina License Late U30062

He is described as being in his early forties and was a stocky individual.

Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. Last year, there was a report of a man doing the same thing to a woman in a Walmart store in Oklahoma. The police did not manage to find him.

What are your thoughts on this kind of thing? There have been a lot of people calling recently for stricter punishments for crimes that involves invasions of a person’s privacy. Comment below what your thoughts on this matter are.



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