Supreme Court Submits To Obama With Sickening Ruling

Seattle recently submitted to Obama by enacting a $15 minimum wage in the city.

Anyone with a brain knows just how bad a law like this is for businesses, but liberals are applauding the decision nonetheless. Despite the fact that Seattle has already seen a significant loss of jobs thanks to the rule, the Supreme Court rejected a challenge to the law on Monday.

According to Young Conservatives, the Supreme Court a challenge by business groups to the law in a case that focused on how it affected local franchises like McDonald’s. The case was brought by the International Franchise Association and other businesses that argued it’s unfair for Seattle to exclude local franchises of big companies like McDonald’s (MCD.N) and Burger King (QSR.TO) from the small companies that the law gives three extra years to pay employees at least $15 per hour.

What liberals don’t seem to realize is that increasing minimum wage will actually cost people thousands of jobs, as businesses can’t afford to pay all their employees that kind of money. Welcome to Obama’s America, folks!



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