Teenage Girl Kicked Out Of School For Wearing THIS — Did She Go Too Far?

A teenage girl in Kentucky was ordered home by her school due to a collarbone being exposed in her outfit.

You can see the photo below of the outfit, which was posted to Reddit. She is wearing a tan undershirt with a white top, accompanied by a pair of blue jeans. The officials at the school claimed that it was against their dress code for a collarbone to be showing.

“Female students are not allowed to show their collar bone because it’s distracting the male students,” was the caption on the photo.


The school officials received a lot of criticism over Reddit for their actions, while further strict violations began to come to light.

“They tried to ban girls from wearing anything that could reveal their bra strap for the same reason in my high school, so the girls just stopped wearing bras,” a Redditor wrote.

“Then they tried to make bras mandatory. Turns out a teacher asking a 16 year old if she’s wearing a bra or not could have some unfortunate legal ramifications.”

Did the school go too far?
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