Texas Gov. Issues Call For ‘Convention of States’ To Make Major Move Against Obama

Over the last few months, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has been leading the leading the charge against President Obama’s amnesty program for illegal aliens in court. Now, he’s fighting back against Obama on another front by calling for a “convention of states” that would reign in his federal government.

According to Conservative Tribune, Abbott’s proposal invokes Article V of the U.S. Constitution to propose new amendments for the document. Abbott calls his proposed amendments the “Texas plans,” and last Friday he called for a convention that would seize power from Obama’s out of control federal and return it to the states.

Abbott’s amendments include provisions that would prohibit administrative agencies and the unelected bureaucrats from creating and preempting federal law; mandating that Congress balance its budget; allowing a two-thirds majority of the states to override a U.S. Supreme Court decision, federal law or regulation; and stopping Congress from regulating activity that occurs within one state’s borders.

The Texas Governor told reports that Obama has disrespected the constitution and abused his presidential powers.

“If this is allowed, the United States Constitution has been completely rewritten,” Abbott told the Examiner. “The United States Supreme Court is a co-conspirator in tearing down our Constitution, which is exactly why I am calling for a Convention of States so we can restore the Constitution to its original principles.”

Abbott went on to say that a convention would force Obama’s government to  “take the Constitution seriously again.”

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