The 20 Most Deadly Animals in the World

Over the years, there are those animals that have continued to steal the top position among the deadliest animals in the world. Although you cannot rule them out, there’s more to it than just brawn, large teeth, and venom defensive mechanisms when it comes to categorizing the most life-threatening creatures on the earth and in water.

You think sharks, lions, and elephants are deadliest animals? You’re dead wrong. Some of the little creatures that you find cute and probably been playing around with are surprisingly extremely dangerous. Stumbling on some of these animals will cause serious illnesses or even instant death. Here’s our list of the most dangerous animals the world over.

20. Deathstalker Scorpion


Source: Factzoo

The name says it all. Everyone knows that scorpions are deadly animals. While the pretty yellow body might be tempting, it has a sting in the tail. Deathstalker is responsible for three-quarters of the scorpion deaths per year.


19. Great White Shark


Source: ARKive Blog

Usually found in the ocean, this shark sees an enemy in humans. And while it’s not the largest shark, this ocean predator is pretty badass. With its razor sharp teeth, nothing can stop it from tearing you into pieces.